• Author: CAA-Québec
  • Editor: CAA-Québec
  • Number of pages: 68 Pages
  • Date online: 2 May 2016

Touring Summer 2016

Tourgin Summer 2016

2 May 2016

In Quebec, summer is synonymous with holidays and moving. Touring has you covered. The ?Travel? section has some enticing suggestions for lovely beaches to visit with family or friends, and also takes you on a visit to Santiago, the beautiful capital city of Chile. In the ?Home? section, we explain why it?s important that you advise your insurer as soon as possible when you?ve decided to move. Would you like to get a new car without breaking the bank? We dispel eight myths about used vehicles. And read all about our new guide to buying or leasing your vehicle in the ?CAA-Quebec and You? section. Enjoy the magazine and have a great summer!

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